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Tuesday May 18
Late start to the day, but managed to get in some breakfast. wandered around the old town section of Odense, staying well clear of the Hans Christian Anderson House. Contemplated going to the Odense zoo via a canal ride. But the weather was still a little gloomy so sat in the park and read my book. Also found first place in Europe that knows what a Slushie is, hopefully they will be found in other countries. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon. I think Odense is a storybook town.

Wednesday May 19
Slushies by the river and a trip to Hans christian Andersons house and museums rounded off the morning. Afternoon train to Billund, well train then catch a bus then walk from the airport. Easy. Tomorrow Legoland.

Thursday May 20
Today is Legoland day.
Such fun, so cute. We had a bit of a hike to get there but the weather wasn't bad.
All the models of the airport and power stations, a windmill, hot air balloon, just so much Lego it was hard to know what to look at. Then the momuments in Lego, Mount Rushmore and so many others, so well done.
The aquarium was fun, fake skeletons moving underwater, with fish swimming around them, the canoe ride was slow and sedate, until the last section which sent you down a steep slope a crashing into the water, splash. Didn't really get wet though, that came later with the pirate ship, thought that if we didn't aim at the passersby manning the water cannons, they wouldn't aim at us. Was very wrong about that. Got absolutly soaked through , was short by 2 dollars so couldn't use the dryers, but didn't take too long to dry.Watching everyone have a go at the fire station was great entertainment while drying in the sun.
Did not spend enough at the lego shop.Early to bed as we have a very early flight in the morning.

Friday May 21
Today we go to Bergen.
Barely got any sleep, the lift was going all night, and because we have the crappiest room ever, can hear it everytime. So up at 4:30 to be at the airport by 5:30am, no problem as through clever planning the airport is a short distance away, like 150 metres.
Shortest plane flight ever, we arrived and then almost ran from terminal A to terminal B, not a short distance but we made our connecting flight, can see why they have buses between the terminals. Also on the copenhagen to Bergen flight was what we first thiought was a brass band, but when we looked closer at the lurid red jacket, they were a choral group. Towards the end of our flight the plane was being serenaded by the group, it was most enjoyable even though we didn't understand a thing. Bus ride from the airport seemed to take forever, have started to not feel well.
The hotel is a block back from the harbour, very picturesque. Spent the rest of the day in bed, no sightseeing, Kat went a walking around and saw much and liked it. I ate a banana.

Saturday May 22
Today was the last day in Bergen, so had a delightful breakfast and wandered into town, posted some items and back to the hotel for checkout. Still felt under the weather so, stayed in the hotel lobbey while kat took a tourist train ride around town.

Express ferry to a very small town called Balestrand. The express took 4 hours, not that you noticed because the scenery was like out of a book of postcards. Sheer cliffs, snow topped mountains shrouded in fog, the ocean is a green shade that is remakably close to grass. we were met by the hotel owner and driven from the ferry to the hotel, it was all of a 2 min ride and that includes getting in the car. Nice little hotel, we have a balcony with a great veiw across the fjord. After settling in we wandered down to the cafe. Good food for such a small place but we found out that they are not cafe poeple, they are artists, and they started the cafe to feed the visitors to the Gallery. Also Monday and Tuesday are public holidays so the market is not open, and the other restuarants in town are also closed. It is Whitsen, which is 50 days after Easter. After dinner a short walk around to the local Big Hotel in town, the Kivkine, it is in our 1000 places to see before you die, and if we had stayed there, would probably end up in the new zsection of the hotel which is not nearly as beatuiful as the old section. Plan is a short walk tomorrow before our excursion to the glacier.
This is the kind of place that time has no meaning, you go to bed one day and wake up a week later and think, where did the week go, but in a relaxed good way.
It is now 10:50 pm and starting to look like the sun is going down.

Sunday May 23
Our tour today is to take a ferry to a town further up the fjord and see the glacier ,museum, followed by a trip to the glacier. Unfortunately there are no guides at the moment that can take us on a walk over the glacier, but hey maybe next time.
The town is Fjærland and is also known as booktown for the large number of stores that trade in secondhand books. It would have been great to wonder around some of the stores but well, more on that later.
A bus picked us up from the Ferry and took us to the glacier museum, the strangest building I have seen in a while.
Due to a family mucking around and wasting time the bus was late heading out to the glacier, so we only had 15 mins to head out and take photos.which we managed to do, but the family that made us late was going to make us late to the ferry if we caught it at all, the father and son kept walking to see if they could go far enough to touch the glacier, or at least touch some ice or snow. Convinced the bus driver to beep his horn to try an hurry them up. As a result only time to jump on the ferry, not waste some time in the bookstores.
Had a meal at the little cafe attached to the art gallery. The owners of the gallery started the cafe to feed their customers, but the food is very good and the atmosphere is great. But they had a rush on earlier in the day and had run out of several of their advertised menu. They are still learning the hospitality trade I think, but so long as they churn out the good food, people will keep coming back.

Monday May 24
Departed Balestrand on the ferry this afternoon and headed towards Flam. which very much just catered to tourists. Since we had a 4hour layover wandered up the road, had a look at a waterfall and spent way too much time in the souvenier shop. So many cute items, including trolls.
Flam railway is the attraction here, in one 20km stretch you go from sea level to 866m in one hour. The scenery is unreal, as is the experience of popping your ears on a train. The photos were not a good representation of the experience. A change of trains at the top and we were on our way to Oslo. But we we not finished going up, the highest point was the next big stop on the track at 1222m, the town of Finse. It was snowing, got the feeling that it snowed year round. Late getting into oslo but stayed at a hotel near the airport so not far to go to find my bed.

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