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April 2010


Beijing and Beyond

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I don't have much time, internet is really expensive here, just a note really that until we find more reliable cheap access there won't be an update. Maybe more than a week, as Tuesday we alight the Transmongolian express. Train travel for 9 days. There will be a very detailed update after that. looking forward to the 50Cents per 500ml vodka to enhance the enjoyment. Oh and to help keep me warm, it is really cold, Beijing might get to 16C tomorrow and maybe 18 on Tuesday. Brrr
Cheers and Beers

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Disneyland day

Happy Little vegemites

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We started late and arrived at the park in time for the grand opening.
We tried several rides, some were fun some were disappointing. The autotopia was one of the disappointing ones, driving cars of the future? maybe if we were in the 1950's.
Space Mountain was an amazing rollercoaster, you were kept light deprived for most of it so you had no idea which way you were going to be taken next, exhilarating.
The winnie the pooh ride was just cute, bouncing up and down when Tigger appeared, wind blowing through your hair, just really cute. The 3d show was a trip,a bit of a tribute to some of the songs from the Disney movies of old and new, smells were squirted at you from the seat in front around Beauty and the Beast, water was sprayed at you when we arrived at the fantasia portion, mops and buckets sloshing water. Very well done, although the 15 minute wait for a 7min show was well glad we only had to do that once more.
All in all a very fun time, then back to the hotel, as we had a view from the room of the nightly fireworks display.
Then preparing to move to the next hotel, packing and repacking, washing and drying.
Coming up Ocean Park

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Leaving Singapore

Happiest place on Earth

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So we spent the last morning in Singapore doing what, yep shopping.
Shoes and long sleeve shirts for the cooler weather to come. Oh and Thank you Connie, our travel agent, the extended checkout was a godsend.
Singapore airport was a smooth check in, you don't need to go through the security checkpoint until you arrive at the departure gate. But then there is a bottleneck. We were supposed to start boarding at 3:45, was a lot later than that before we got on board. Arrived in Hong Kong at 8pm instead of 7pm. After waiting at information for 15mins , discovered that the cheapest way to get to Disneyland was to take a taxi, $130 hong kong dollars, which with the current exchange rate is about $18 AUD, not bad.

The highlight of the day was the arrival at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel. Surreal, the hotel was decorated in not only Mickey mouse ears everywhere, but in an Art deco style, I love art deco and this was very well done. The mouse ears were subtle, but everywhere on the artwork, the container that held the bath gel, the onions on the salad, the shape of the pizza, everything.
Tomorrow, disneyland day

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Food food and more food

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The flight from Darwin to Singapore was pleasant compared with say flights from Darwin to Melbourne. Almost enjoyable.
We landed early but we took so long going through the airport, which is huge, that our bags were no longer on the carousel, we had to claim them from lost baggage.
We took a taxi to the Hotel, the Concorde hotel on Orchard road, it was very nice, with complimentary punch while we waited to check in.
Ange took us to dinner at an open air market, that took up a road, BBQ satays that were heavenly.
A late night in all but well worth the eating.
Sunday morning arrived with a leisurely Breakfast at the hotel and wondering around Singapore's shopping centers. Due to my lack of foresight we didn't get in to high tea at Raffles, so we had high tea at the Goodwood Park Hotel. Very civilized. The day ended with a ride on the Singapore Flyer, spectacular views at night, then waited almost as long for a taxi to get back to the hotel.
Coming up next, Hong Kong

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In the Begining

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The clock has just ticked past midnight.
It is now Saturday April 10 2010, the day of the flight to Singapore that signals the start of 6 months outside of Australia's borders.

Inara will pick us up around 12:30 pm, and there are 3 hours or so of entertainment at Darwin Airport to be had prior to departure.

I am hoping to not perform my usual trick prior to hopping on a plane, but to savour and take in the last moments of peace and comfort at home before embarking on 6 months of unknown uncomfortable anxious excitement.

Adios amigos
Hasta luego

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