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Lithuanian site seeing 3

Nuclear Power plant site seeing

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Huge breakfast.
An hours drive to get to the Nuclear power station. It was Lithuania's only nuclear power station, it took 10 years to build it, it was in operation for 20 and now it will take 25 years to close the plant down. The tour was more of an information session, like you would do for visiting highschool students to a workplace. Part of Lithuania's entrance into the EU was to close the plant, now electricity is more expensive. Good thing bad thing, I don't know. but I have never been that close to a power station like that before.

Restful afternoon in preperation for another amazing dinner.

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Lithuanian site seeing 2

Kayaking hmmmm

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We were scheduled to leave today to go to the National park , I lined up at the Post Office, they had on of those take a ticket for your service machine, so i took a ticket, but after 20 mins of no service and watching everyone behind get served, just left using a few choice english words. I think the english speaker on staff was on a break or not working that day. Not happy Jan.

While on the train our guide was given a note by 2 young girls who had been watching our group interact. The note said that they were happy to see foreigners in Lithuania and hoped that we would enjoy our stay, followed by their email addresses. So sweet.

The farmstay is really an nice place, big rooms, the kayak trip was fun even though the walk up the hill was not, and the fortifying liquor we downed was warming although a bit cough medicine tasting. Dinner was sumptious, i can't wait for breakfast.

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Lithuanian site seeing 1

Medieval castle, yey


Morning bus trip to Trakai castle, a real castle that was restored in the 1950's. Beautiful setting by a lake , the landscapes in this country are tranquil and beautiful.

Afternoon back in Vilnius, hit some of the sight seeing spots, got a little snap happy on the hill, great views of the city, also can see a neighbouring hill with 3 crosses, in memory of Franciscan monks that were murdered there. Also Vilnius has some odd statues around the place, found a statue of Frank Zappa with a very cool mural behind it. our hotel had some great graffiti too, and on the opposite wall someone had stuck teapots in the wall. Really.

Made a wish on the miracle tile, the endpoint of the joining of hands across the Baltic states as a protest against the soviet oppression.

This evenings meal was in the new republic, where dogs have rights, and for women, well clothes are optional.

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Hello Vilnius

Travel to Lithuania


Another travel day. Bus to vilnius. went on a trolley bus to the hotel and saw a few people were setting up a concert or something. Instead of an orientation tour first up, we wandered down one of the main streets to find some food. There were markets and food stalls everywhere. Had an evening orientation walk that turned out to be fun, just the girls. Vilnius has a smaller old town but so much older, Lithuania is a very old country.

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Curonian Spit

Not just another Sand Dune

13 °C

An early start with a short ferry ride across to the land known as Curonian Spit. Our local guide took us to some of the must see points on the Spit, like a climb up the witches hill that has carved wooden figurines to illustrate various Lithuanian folk tales, for instance I did not know that placing your hand on a witches wooden boob would grant a wish. now I do.
The sand dune itself is actually impressive, I mean it is of course a sand dune like any other, but the pine forest that surround it add a different feel, as do the ground cover grasses and the marshy swampland at the base of the dune.
The UNESCO Heritage listing is not just because there is a sand dune here, it is only one element, there are also the houses that present a view of life in a fishing village. Thomas Mann spent summers writing here in the 1930's simply because he was inspired by the beautiful views of the Baltic sea and lagoons.
It is a beautiful spot, even if we did see it in cold rainy windy conditions. Not to mention how hard it was to not swallow a mosquito, they weren't ones that would bite you but they massed around you making it difficult to see in front of you.
Tomorrow, more travel and carrying of heavy backpacks

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